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Lightning Regatta: CNY District Championship & Founders Regatta

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CNY Lightning District Championship & Founders Regatta

Henderson Harbor Yacht Club

8397 Cornell Road, Henderson Harbor, NY 13651

July 17-18, 2021

Organizing Authority is the Henderson Harbor Yacht Club and Fleet 225

Celebrating 90 years of dinghy racing

Notice of Race (v1)

1.       Rules
1.1   The Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing and prescriptions of US Sailing.
1.2   The ILCA Constitution and Bylaws in regard to sanctioned events except where changed here or in the Sailing Instructions.
1.3   If the spinnaker is drawing at the time of an infringement and if the spinnaker is subsequently reset, there shall be a one-turn penalty instead of a two-turn. (this changes RRS 44.2)
1.4   VHF radios will be allowed for communication between boats and the Race Committee as per ILCA By-Laws Article VIII 5.b.4 .a. The Race Committee requests and encourages the use of VHF Radios as described in the Sailing Instructions.
1.5   One race shall constitute a series.
1.6   Advertising, ISAF Regulation 20 will apply.
2.        Eligibility
2.1   The CNY Lightning District Championship is open to boats of the Lightning Class that conform to the class rules for events.
2.2   The Founders Regatta (Classic Fleet) is open to all Classic Boats as defined by any Lightning built of wood or a glass boat older than the year 1976 or hull number 12777, other boats may be admitted at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.
2.3   All boats shall have all necessary safety equipment as specified in Article VIII of the Lightning Class Bylaws. Safety checks will be conducted.
2.4   All skippers and crew must be current members of the ILCA.
2.5   Boats competing for the CNY District Championship must have paid their 2021 District dues and have the proper 2021 ILCA boat sticker.
3.       Registration & Fees
3.1   Registration opens June 1 and can be completed online at: The registration fee must be made online by credit card. There will be no in-person onsite registration.
3.2   $125 per boat if registered before July 4, $135 after. Registration includes all regatta functions for skipper and 2 crew, except Friday Longway’s dinner, which is menu order.
3.3   Additional Saturday dinner tickets will be available for purchase.
4.       Schedule
Friday,          15:00 -19:00         Boat arrival and setup
July 16           17:00-19:00          Longway’s Dinner at HHYC
                        19:00                     Founders Reception
Saturday,     08:00-10:30        Boat arrival and setup, onsite registration
July 17                                           Make your own lunch
                        10:30                     Skippers Meeting
                        12:00                     First Warning, no warning after 16:30
                        18:00                     Happy Hour
                        19:00                     Dinner/Entertainment
Sunday,        10:00                     First Warning, no warning after 14:30
July 18                                           Awards ceremony after racing completed.
5.       Sailing Instructions
5.1   Sailing Instructions shall be available online at by July 16, and onsite.
6.       Venue
6.1   The regatta will be held at the Henderson Harbor Yacht Club and the waters of Henderson Bay.
7.       Courses
7.1   Course will be drop mark, windward Leeward. Inflatable tetrahedron, balls and barrel marks as equipment allows.
7.2   Starting sequence will be under Rule 26.
7.3   Five course races are planned for the CNY District Championship.
7.4   A long-distance race is planned for the Founders Regatta on Sunday.
8.       Scoring
8.1   Appendix A, and there will be no exclusions.
9.       Prizes
9.1   CNY District Championship, trophies for top 3 finishing boats; Founders Regatta (Classic Fleet), top 2 finishing boats, and the top finishing Junior boat.
10.   Storage and Launching
10.1           Boat and trailer storage will be made available at the Henderson Harbor Yacht Club in the parking lot area and next to our Junior Yacht Club. Car parking will be provided at the HHYC grounds or a nearby field depending on turnout.
11.   Radio Communications
11.1           Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
11.2           The Race Committee may make race announcements on VHF radio on a predetermined channel as detailed in the Sailing Instructions.
12.   Waiver of liability

All competitors (skippers and crew) shall sign a waiver of liability for loss, damage, disease or injury to persons or property incurred in connection with this event.  Competitors may find the Regatta Waiver and Release of Liability form, taken from the US Sailing template, on the regatta website here: competitors under the age of 18 shall have parental permission and release signed by parent. In addition, all competitors will be required to certify:

1)      They have not knowingly been in close proximate contact in the past 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has had symptoms of Covid-19

2)      They have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days

3)      They have not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days

Questions can be sent to:  Tom Tomlinson,

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