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The Keg Classic is the HHYC fun race.

It consists of two races. The first determines the order of starting in the second race. Finish last in the first race and start first in the second. Sail fast and the Keg Classic Cup is yours!

Oh yeah—bring water balloons and squirt guns or else you may end up all wet!

Saturday June 26th, 2021

  • Skippers Meeting: 9:30 A.M.
  • Start: 10:30 A.M.
  • Course: Two races to be determined based on the wind

The race will be open to all HHYC participants. A Race Fee of $5 will cover pennants and equipment.
Observe procedures in HHYC Sailing Guidelines.
Be sure to register by Thursday, June 24 on the Calendar of HHYC Sailing Events.

Race History

1977            C. Stone
1978            C. Stone
1979            C. Elms
1980            R. Stevens
1981            W. Carter
1982            C. Phillips
1983            W. Carter
1984            W. Harig
1985            S. Woiler
1986            S. Woiler
1987            T. Leonard
1988            W. Harig
1989            No race was recorded
1990            L. Cagwin
1991            L. Cagwin
1992            W. Harig
1993            D. Poulin
1994            M. Reutlinger
1995            C. Elve
1996            Reutlinger
1998-2005    No races were recorded
2006            Swift
2007            No race was recorded
2008            Jim King
2009            Mojo – Steve Dixon (only one race due to weather conditions)
2010            No race was recorded (due to weather conditions)
2011            Canaan Leonard
2012            Art Bronstein
2013            No race
2014-2015    Canaan Leonard
2016            Mark Engle
2017            Haylie Siemon  

2018-2019    No race

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