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Don’t end up on the Dark Side of the Duck! The Duck Island race is HHYC’s long distance race. There were many years when the best sailors amongst us have been stuck on the Dark Side of the Duck. Keeping this in mind, HHYC has tried to make the Duck more civilized. We have developed Plans B, C, and D just in case the wind is blowing the Duck off the pond, or well you know…the dark side thing again. We will follow up our race with a Cook Your Own Steak or Chicken Dinner followed by awards.

Saturday August 17, 2024

    • Skippers Meeting: 8:00am
    • Start: 9:00am

    Notice of Race
    Sailing Instructions

    Course Descriptions
    Online Registration (can also register onsite Saturday morning)
    Order Dinners

    Results - TBD

    For more info contact Dave Poulin at

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    2022 Race start

    2018 Pictures

    Race History

    1967            Henry Eastbrook, North Star
    1968            Jay Lewis, Grenadier
    1969            George Couch, Black Pearl
    1970            Donald Lewis, Hobo
    1971            Wendell George Jr., Georgy Girl
    1972            Owen Morgan, Bloody Mary
    1973            Mike George, Georgy Girl
    1974            Mike George, Georgy Girl
    1975            Mike George, Windance
    1976            R.A. Mickler, Margaret II
    1977            John Condino, Hobo
    1978            George Caste, Avis
    1979            Les Deming, Intuition
    1980            A.J. Schneider, Gimlet II
    1981            Les Deming, Intuition
    1982            A.J. Schneider
    1983            Peter Couch, CU-7 
    1984            Roger White, Whitewash 
    1985            Will Carter, Zepher 
    1986            Roger White, Whitewash 
    1987            Roger White, Whitewash 
    1988            George Couch, Black Pearl III 
    1989            George Couch, Black Pearl IV 
    1990            No race was recorded 
    1991            Art Bronstein, Hambone 
    1992            Hurricane Andrew! 
    1993            Art Bronstein, Hambone 
    1994            No race recorded 
    1995            Dave Poulin, Contender 
    1996            Tom Harig, Atlantis 
    1997            Dave Poulin, Contender 
    1998            Joe Rosenfeld, Restless 
    1999-2001    Dave Poulin, Rambunctious 
    2002            Joe Rosenfeld, Restless 
    2003            Peter Hrabchak, Tigger 
    2004            Dave Poulin, Rambunctious 
    2005            Dan Machold, Promises Promises 
    2006            No race was recorded 
    2007            Dave Poulin, Rambunctious 
    2008            Phillip Zell, Lapwing 
    2009            Pete Hrabchak, Tigger 
    2010            Dan Machold, Promises Promises 
    2011-2012    Canaan Leonard, Velocity Girl
    2013            Dave Poulin, Rambunctious 
    2014-2015    Pete Hrabchak, Tigger
    2016            Not sailed, weather
    2017            Marshall Reutlinger, E-Motion

    2018            Canaan Leonard, Velocity Girl

    2019            Canaan Leonard, Velocity Girl

    2020            Dan Machold, Promises Promises

    2021            Tom Tomlinson, Time Warp

    2022            Dave Poulin, Rukus 

    2023            Dave Poulin, Rukus 

    Duck Island Boats Under 29 Feet L.O.A. 

    1973            Joan Treadwell, Rascal 
    1974            Sea Kite 
    1975            Charley Bangs, Mollie B 
    1976            A. J. Schneider, Gimlet 
    1977            Charley Bangs, Mollie B 
    1978-1986    Jack Jones, Bonhomme Richard 
    1987-1988    Gemutlichkeit 
    1989             No winner recorded 
    1990             Jack Jones, Bonhomme Richard
    1991             No winner recorded 
    1992-1993     Three Deuces 
    1994             Blue J 
    1995             Lee Cagwin, Charisma 
    1996             Joan Woods, Weasel 
    1997             No winner recorded 
    1998             Joan Woods, Weasel 
    1999             No winner recorded 
    2000             Junkyard Dawg 
    2001             No winner recorded 
    2002             Tar Baby II 
    2004-2009     no winner recorded 
    2010             Tom Tomlinson, Bluescape 
    2011             None entered 
    2012             Tom Tomlinson Time Warp

    2021             Tom Tomlinson Time Warp

    Duck Island White Sails

    In 2007 Marshall Reutlinger established a new trophy for the White Sails division in the Duck Island Race. As the popularity of white sails racing grows, HHYC recognized the need to score and reward this growing fleet separately.

    198?             Leo Johnson, Jolie Dame 
    2007             Lee Cagwin, Solitaire 
    2008             Jim Farrell, Love Shack 
    2008             West End of the Duck: John Reidy, Lollygagger 
    2009             Jim Farrell, Love Shack 
    2011             Jim Farrell, Love Shack 
    2012             Ross Jacobs, Saucy 
    2012             West End of the Duck: Don Peters, Pyrat
    2014             Paul Slack, Salubrity
    2015             Ed Siemons, Red Head
    2016-2017     No entries

    2018             Jim Farrell, Love Shack

    2019             William Walton, Symmetry

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